Aquaclar is a tan powder that contains non-pathogenic bacteria that digest organic waste and “eat” the same nutrients responsible for nutrient pollution. Aquaclar also lowers toxicity by allowing sequestration of heavy metals and ammonia that could be detrimental to aquatic life.

Its multi-purpose high-count bacteria/enzyme blend in a mineral porous carrier supplies an extra dose of “good” bacteria that perform healthy biodegradation functions in the water, said Bionetix International. These bacteria carry out their basic metabolic activities by using enzymes to break apart and digest contaminants, in effect “eating” up the organic waste and excess nutrients that hinder water clarity.

Bioaugmentation with Aquaclar can reduce BOD and COD, break down fecal and other organic waste in water, maintain clarity, reduce ammonia and other toxins, reduce TSS and organic sludge, prevent malodors, reduce nutrient pollution, remove nitrogen and increase dissolved oxygen levels.

Aquaclar is safe for humans and wild animals and can be added to both facultative and anaerobic systems to improve the water clarity of ponds, lagoons, small lakes, canals, and fish farms.

Created on:2018-08-10 02:20