"Serious Tools for Serious Fisherman  "


As a member of D&S Group company, as well as a member of China Fishing Boat and Equipment Association,  Weihai D & S Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of premium quality fishing nets, float, rope and other fishing equipment for commercial fishing worldwidely.


We started as a PVC float maker in 1991 in Weihai, which is a very important fishing harbor in North China.


Step by step we expanded our business into fishing nets, rope, long line fishing items.


In 2003 we invested two nets plants, by that we are able to supply fishing nets produced by ourselves, with production capacity about 2500MT of Nylon Monofilament Nets and Nylon Multifilament Nets as well as Polyethylene Twisted and Braided Nets annually.  Premium quality and prompt delivery date are assured.


In the meantime a mounting plant was established for mounting gill nets and complete nets as well as net cages.


In order to serve our customers better an export company was established in 2006, in Weihai, named “Weihai D & S Co.,Ltd”, and export business were carried out through this company under brand “D&S Fishing”  and OEM.


The company has been continuously participating the professional fishing exhibitions in the world, like NOR-Fishing , EURO-Fishing, EXPOPESCA, PESCASUR…ect, by that we are always close to the up to date fishing technology and demand in the world market.


The company has qualified ISO9001, and we have our unique quality system as well as experienced staff, which ensure our shipped goods in premium quality, and our products are widely accepted by the fishermen in many countries.


Since year 2016 we have been working with Norwegian Institute to upgrade our nets and trap cages to make it more environment friendly as well as less accidentally injure to the marine organism. Hopefully more and more of our environmental and marine organism friendly products will come into service soon.



Thanks to the hardworking of our workers and the efficiency from our staff, with our principle of premium quality and accurate delivery date and be responsible for after sales service we have been continuously supplying our customers in five continents, 47 countries.


Your enquiries are always our honor and we are looking for to establishing a long term business relationship with your esteemed company.